In the summer of 1996, while working in Florida, I met a man from Northern Ireland. After inviting him to church, I found out that we had no United Pentecostal churches in Ireland. He then invited me to visit his country for one month.

When my feet touched the shores of Ireland the Holy Ghost quickened me and I knew this was where God had sent me.

In January 1997 we received our AIM appointment to this country. Then in March 1998 we moved our family to Ireland. At that time we started holding services in a "wee old barn" outside of Belfast.

In May of 2000 the Lord provided funds for a property outside of Belfast. With the help of many wonderful churches in North America providing money and labor we were able to dedicate our new building in August 2001.

In our dedication service we experienced a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost. This event seemed to give us a momentum in the spirit. Then in the fall of 2001 we started our Purpose Institute Part-time Bible School. In these settings there was a constant flow of the Holy Ghost as we taught and engaged in intercessory prayer, Apostolic Doctrine, Apostolic Authority and the original structure of the church. In the summer and fall of 2004 we saw an awesome breakthrough in the spiritual stronghold of this country. At this time we are enjoying the rewards of this breakthrough in our services.

In March 2004 we received our Intermediate Missionary appointment to the country of Ireland.

Without the burdens and prayers of men like our late Rev. James Dallas/General Superintendent UPCGB&I, Rev. Cletus Sullivan and the help from so many North American pastors, we would not be where we are today.